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  1. Same here. My Nova will occassionally unlock with the 3.5" shells, but it will only unlock.
  2. There are a couple of threads about Nova pin only denting the primer and not firing, Did your pin actually break? What is broken?
  3. I have the 12 gauge Nova as well. Pattern tested at 40 yards the Benelli with improved cylinder, 3.5 " #2 Steel Magnums put 63 shot inside of a 30" circle. I was amazed when I went to the modified choke in the Benelli with the same shell (3.5" #2 Mag). The modified put 103 pellets inside of the 30 " circle. You could almost fly a duck through the holes with the Improved cylinder at 40 yds but not at all with the modified. I was so surprised to see such a dramatic difference in one choke step. Since most of my shooting is long range I'll be shooting the modified. Of course you cannot use full
  4. Yup, the are decent eating...just had duck sandwiches for the last two days. Firstly get out all the pin feathers, stuff with cut up apples. cook in oven for about 1 hr 15 min at 350 with some water and chicken stalk in the bottom of the covered pan. Make sure fluids don't touch the meat. Let cool then peel the meat off in bite sized pieces. Immerse the meat fully in water, butter, and white wine.. Meat must be completely under the fluid with nothing exposed. Put this in microwave for about 4 min. Then drain of half of the fluid. You can eat right away but I prefer overnight fridge and eatin
  5. The "new Nova" listed at this site isn't what everyone is refering to. This just has a 13" LOP...that's all that's new about it. I"ve heard so much about this new Nova so I called here in Canada to "Beretta Holdings" and the guy on the phone said he hadn't heard of it. I know in Canada that we're a bit behind the times but why haven't they posted this stuff on their website....it its 2006 isn't it?
  6. BTW I should note that I did this just 2.5 weeks ago, so these guns are still kicking around.
  7. Breda-Boy


    Fired 2 boxes of 3.5" shells so far...no problems.
  8. Another question here. When the bolt is out of the gun, push the firing pin where the hammer strikes. Push it with a screw driver or something. When pushed all the way to seating, does the pin project about 1/8" past the bolt face? or does it bottem out and hardly protrude even with pressure from the screw driver pushing the pin forward.
  9. My new Nova arrived yesteday. Yes sir,...it's like many have already said, she's not the prettiest gun I've ever seen but reeks of functionality. I have two questions about it. When I load shells into the magazine tube the carrier tongue doesn't drop back down. It only drops back down when I rack the gun. My Breda has the carrier drop back down immediately after loading the magazine. Is this proper to leave the carrier elevated until the gun is racked? Second question is...What is the advantage of a rotating head bolt?..Seems to do alot of damage to my snap caps.
  10. Geez, I'm new to this site and here I'm posting my 3 post in a row on the same subject...sorry, but I'm interested...... Chessie Dog, do you store your shotgun cocked with the action open?
  11. Is this the "Benelli Click" that I've heard about?
  12. Heck, I'm in the same boat...after seaching for more than one month I've paid out on the Nova and will be picking my up in a week. The firing pin problem has to boil down to some gundge inside the firing pin port where the pin stop would be. The is a good chance a build up over the years could be preventing the pin from seating fully. Especially since the unit worked fine for three years. Wear is possible but in only three years....I've not heard this about the Nova. My bet is dirt.
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