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Eject and load failures with the M1014?


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Hi all, I went to the range and shot my new M1014 for the first time today. I shot a combination of 00 Buck, Brenneke K.O. slugs, and Federal target shot (3 Dram, 1 1/8 oz, #8 shot). For the most part, everything went okay with the heavy stuff--the buck and slugs. However, I had the darndest time trying to get the target shot shells to cycle correctly. For the most part, it seemed that the ARGO system wasn't giving the bolt enough kick, so it'd swing back far enough to eject the shell, but not far enough to load a new one. So the next time I'd pull the trigger, *click*. When I'd pull the bolt back, a shell would be waiting right there on the carrier, which is why I think the bolt's not coming back far enough. In some cases the bolt wouldn't even go back far enough to eject the spent shell. Another failure to load came about when the magazine tube spring didn't have enough force to fully push the shell out of the magazine tube. The bolt would be stuck in the open position with the shell sticking halfway out of the mag tube. I think this even happened once while I was shooting slugs. Yet another failure happened when the bolt successfully ejected a shell casing, but it would get stuck in the open position with the carrier in the elevated position. All I'd have to do is give the bolt a little push and the bolt would close and chamber the new shell.


So all in all I think there are two problems: The mag tube spring isn't stiff enough (I do have a mag extension tube installed--could this be part of it?), and the ARGO system isn't adjusting to the lighter rounds to kick the bolt open hard enough.


It's kinda funny--it seems I'm having the exact opposite problem that the 4-port low-recoil M4's are having--My ARGO is pushing to soft, while theirs is pushing too hard.


So. Does anyone have any advice or help for me so my M1014 can work as a skeet shooter as well as a zombie slayer? I'm pretty sure the M1014 is supposed to work with the 3DRAM 1 1/8 oz shells--that's the lowest rating for Benelli’s recoil-operated autos.


Anyway, I'll see if I can take some pictures with snap-caps to show you all what some of the feed-failures looked like.

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maybe,, just maybe that side saddle is bolted on to tight,,,there are other manufactures that have some kind of stick on models,,,if you bought it used,,go with pdw4137 suggestions if you bought nib,,,then break it in with a 100 or so full power loads ,,,,and still go with what pdw4137 said,,,re read your manual too,,btw,,,what type of case do you have for your M1014??,,mine resides in a ADG double shotgun case with my Practical model smile.gif


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Thanks pdw4137, I'll look into Sentry Solutions stuff. I did a quick Froogle search on them--did you get the full Armorer's Kit? I looks like the kit had most of the stuff you mentioned.


Also, I bought my M1014 unfired from a guy who'd already installed the side saddle, so today I'm going to strip it off and make sure that's not the problem. As for the case, it's just some cheap plastic one with foam inside. Maybe someday when I find it's twin I'll get a double case like you M1014 :D


Btw, I posted a full range report of my outing on this forum in another thread here.


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Hi guys, thanks again for all the good advice. This afternoon I stripped my M1014 down and removed the sidesaddle. I lubricated the trigger group, and wow--just a little bit of oil went a long way to smoothe up the operation of the hammer and elevator. I put some grease on the bolt rails too. After I put everything back together I worked the action--wowsers! So much smoother! Can't wait to shoot her again! :D

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