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Serial number help?


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I just recently purchased a Benelli Nova pump 12 gauge and I'm trying to fill out the warrenty card and I'm having trouble with figuring out the serial number. The box the gun came in has this sticker with the gun's info on it...the left side says "Caracassa" and the right side says "Canna", the dealer wrote on my receipt the gun's serial number that is under "Caracassa" but that's not the numbers stamped onto the gun's barrel (that number is underneath the gun). The numbers stamped on the barrel are the numbers under "Canna". Under the bar codes on both halves of the info sticker, are "Matricola: (serial number that the dealer wrote) and "Matricola: (the numbers that are stamped onto the barrel).


I'm confused as to which is the serial number and what the other number is for.


I also need to know where to find the model number.


Thanks in advance for any help in this matter.

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I'm also investigating the same exact question. I found your post. Did you learn more about what those 2 barcode stickers mean and if there is a database that correlates with the information for us to use to learn more about our piece? Hope this forum is still active. It's work a try. 


Thank you, 

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On most Benelli's, the serial number is down low in the area of the loading gate/trigger. Does yours have a factory vinyl wrap? Of so, that obscures it quite a bit. Could the S/N be hidden by the pump action by chance? Might check there as well. It will be on the receiver itself. At least on the semi-auto's, the barrels have their own unique serial number that won't match the gun.

On all my Benelli's at least (but no Nova's), the barcode listed out features, and had the serial number on the box end. If there is nothing at all there that is readable on the firearm itself, use a smart phone with a barcode scanner that can scan to a file. I have Android phone and it can scan barcode straight to "Samsung Notes" which breaks it down to text. If you don't have that capability, you can try to PM me with a picture of the box end and I'll see if I can scan the barcode for you and reply with the text from it.


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