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Lubricating sure cycle ?


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I have had failures with my sure cycle on my M1 90. I dont want to say that it is an over rated piece of junk,but I have had problems cycling in cold weather with it. As you have guessed,I was having problems cycling with the factory "action system" and spent the premium on the "upgrade". The instructions for the "sure cycle" clearly states that you should not lubricate it. If it is non adjustable and not to be lubricated,then what can I do to get it to work properly? I have already corresponded with SRM performance products and I won't go there but I certainly wish that I knew what I know now or I wouldn't have given that "guy" who owns the company a dime of my hard earned money (I won't go there).


Does anyone else find the "sure cycle" to be less than promised advertising gimmick?

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You are pretty much on your own here. I know lots of guys that hate their Sure Cycles, mostly Browning Gold owners though.


My main issue with SureCycles is that the factory Benelli parts should work fine. If they don't, then that should be addressed with Benelli or by a gunsmith or some home smithing.


13 years ago, I took off the factory recoil tube nut and replaced it with the 17mm hex nut offered by Benelli. The inside of the tube was a nightmare of gunk, unspent powder from cheap steel shot, twigs, feathers, etc. The bolt was a rusty mess. Anyone ever see a pile of coon crap? Well, thats what it looked like.


I cleaned up the tube using a power drill rig of 20 ga bore brush & steel wool, and put a new spring in from Brownells (factory Benelli), and the rest is old news.


I do the whole drill routine every few years.


I have noticed that SS's for Benellis are pretty much collecting dust at the gunshops I frequent.


Good luck with Jeff @ SS (I get along with him fine & I do use the mag spring kit in all my Benellis),


mudhen - CA

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I have a SC in my SBEI and have no problems with it. I LIGHTLY oil the inside of the tube with some good oil, FP-10 or Miltec-1. But I bet your problem is the oil/grease in the bolt. What type of oil/grease do you use and how much? I know a lot of guys have problems with remoil. I use fp-10 and/or miltec-1 with much better results. I also lightly grease the rails where the bolt slides inside the receiver.

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Does your SC cycle light loads (skeet, dove)? I figured mine needed the usual break-in routine. That didn't work so I oiled it with Militec-1 in hopes this will "accelerate" the break-in. I would take it apart and lube it correctly but my gunsmith, after I told the hillbilly 3 times not to, put loctite on the end cap so I can't get it off without heating it up and boogering the threads again on the stock retaining stud. I'm in no hurry to put a torch to my gun at this point and can live with my 20g for doves this year.

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