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Flanigan's Back Yard World Record


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Has anyone seen Flanigan's so called world record? Something is very fishy here.


First of all what happened to the video that was from his "certified" world record. How did that ever get certified in the first place if there was no video to back it up?


Look closely at what Flanigan has posted on his web site. At first it looks like the boy did it, but look again. The first target breaks before the gun is even pointed at the cluster of targets. Also, the sound is out of sync with the first shot but not out of sync with the rest. If the sound was going to be out of sync from putting it in slow motion then it would be consistently out of sync. Obviously, the sound was dubbed in as well.


I may sound like a grassy knoll/second shoother theorist, but I would bet my big toe there was a second shooter on Patty Boy's World Record video.


And another thing, look at the grass after all the broken clays drop. There is 12th shot fired into the grass. There is a left to right swoosh through the grass, it is NOT a piece of clay dropping.


Flanigan seems to want that record real bad, so bad that he mad liars out of two of his buddies too . . . the other shooter and the guy holding the video camera.

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I watched it a few times, and cannot agree or disagree with your observations.


The video is not great, that is for sure.


I can only guess that this video was more clear as to the 11 targets. I recall the other video was less clear on #11 as it appeared to be in the grass when he shot.


I think he had plenty of time to shoulder the gun and break the first clay, especially with the way he was holding the gun prior to the first shot. Tom Knapp can should his gun just as fast.


I do not hear the 'obvious' sound dubbing, but I am no audio expert for sure. The shots appear to be breaking the clays.


I also neither hear no see any evidence of a 12th shot. I do see pieces of clay dropping, but no 'swoosh'.


Tom Knapp is the real deal, but so is Patrick Flanigan.


I see nothing wrong with two companies promoting their own trick shooters. I enjoy their competitive efforts.


If you watch Tom's videos, you will see that there is more to the debate. Tom's shoots Federal ammo and claims there is none better. Patrick, of course, shoots Winchester ammo.


Patrick worked with Benelli first, but they passed on him to remain loyal to Tom Knapp. Don't blame Patrick for seeking another sponsor and doing his own thing!


All in all, it's nothing but shameless marketing, but what isn't these days...


mudhen - CA

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