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Turkey Gun Benelli Nova or Mossberg 835


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I am looking to buy a new turkey gun, I am really stuck on either a Nova or 835. What are the pro's and con's of both shotguns. In other words which shotgun would you spend your hard earned money on. I have handled both shotgun's and they both feel good. My concern is mostly reliability. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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just a couple cents here ...


Unless your going to handload so you can assure you're getting the correct and most effective wad -specifically gas seal- that will be needed to utilize the 835 ulti-mag's 12ga barrel (which is overbored to the diameter of a 10ga). If the wrong wad is used in the load, blow-by (rapid depressurization) will occur making your load not to reach its said balistics. * In other words fail *


Stick with the Nova if you plan not to handload or if you can't find a manufacturer to provide you with said needed component.


If you find the load or you are planning on handloading...I'd put an added intrest in the 835!!! The bore feature is something you should consider an awesome feature.


Mossbergs intensions are right on the money by doing this but, I'm not sure the major shot shell maufacturers were ready for this.


for what it's worth...just a couple a cents ehh?


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HMan....I've hunted with both.....& own a 835 Ultimag 28" {ported with all chokes}...I prefer the 835 to the Nova pump[personally]..I've hunted dove,Blue Quail,pheasant,turkey,Chukar..with both...& still like the 835 better.The 835 seems a little heavier...probably due to the 3.5" chamber of my 835..the Nova was 3"..Action seemed just as smooth as the Nova,to me anyways..Don't get me wrong..I love the Benellis..[Moreso the Autos]I put a Knoxx Industries "CopStock folder on it...& it sure is SWEET shoot'n with the mag ammo..+ the 835 has a 10 year warranty.

Most probably ya might want to try both out if possible to personally see what ya might like...:)

Altho I don't handload...BirdDog is probably right on..

If ya need anymore info on the 835..don't hesitate to ask...:)

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Go with the Nova, the 835's are beasts. Don't get me wrong, I like Mossberg, but the 835 is just TOO heavy, and if you decide on a synthetic stock, the recoil is too much. I've owned both guns, and I've noticed a lot of load problems with the 835. Oh, just on a note StarLynx, if you've got a Nova with a 3" chamber, it's either a slug gun (which by the way, you shouldn't be shooting shot through a rifled barrel), or it's a 20 Gauge. I have a 12 Gauge Nova, and it's a 3 1/2" chamber. My Nova also came with a 10 year warranty just like the 835. The only thing I've found in favor of the 835 is the fact that the Nova is just a hair more expensive than the 835. I paid $20 more for my Nova than my 835, but in my opinion, it was 20 bucks well worth it.


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Oh yal...I agree Nov....the 835 WAS a beast with the factory blk stock...until I put the Knoxx Ind Cop Stock on it...(It's got the shock absorbing pistol grip & wire stock )& the Nova was lighter feeling..But it was a smoothbore with the multi chokes 12 ga 3"...Possibly..it might have been a 3.5"Nice Shotgun...but i still prefer the reach out & touch the Gobblers effect of the 835 UltiMag.But like I said..He probably needs to try both & grab his personal prefs...

..Now if were talk'n Autos....I'm with 1014 & others...I REALLY love the M4...Nothing compares to the Ben Autos...I've been use'n one I checked out a ordinance....& Ya can't beat it...[Then again..I don't hunt game with it other the "Human kind"...heh-heh!

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hey guys ....what you're actually 'feeling' is the balance points with the Mossberg being more muzzle heavy due to the larger bore diameter and the way the beefier fore relates this... gun to gun (barrel length) comparisons the Benelli's are actually heavier...but were talkin' an ounce or two.


for what its worth...


[ 02-06-2004, 11:01 AM: Message edited by: birddog ]

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