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patterned nova


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Just got my nova last week. 24 in 12 gauge in camo. Patterned it with the factory full choke (cant afford aftermarket x-full yet) I used some custom made shells. Size 4,5,and 6 shot. I shot it from 35 yards and got 24 in the kill zone. That 3.5" mag sure does kick a lot when just patterning. I shot some winchester size 4 3" shells also. 17 in the head. I would have to say that is pretty good for the factory choke. Does anyone hunt with their factory choke for turkey??



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I am still very pleased with my SBE factory tubes on turkeys (all I have ever used). I e-mailed around about different aftermarket chokes etc, and yes, they have advantages, but I still think that intelligent shot selection is the most critical factor. Nothing replaces good scouting and prep work that gets those turkeys, geese, ducks etc. close for the easy the shot (just the way I like it). From your description your set up would be good enough for me, good luck.


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