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Nove trigger work


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I bought a nove w/slug barrell I have put maybe 75 rounds down the black hole. I can not tell any difference in the trigger. I would like to make it pull with less poundage. Is there something I can do, or is this a gun smith job and appr cost factor?


Drilling holes now at 150 yards with SST's took awhile and several washingtons and its goodntight.

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Originally posted by tucker301:

If it was something you could do, you wouldn't be asking the question.

Take it to a competent gunsmith with realistic expectations for a hunting shotgun trigger job and he'll fix you up.

Just because I dont know how doesnt mean that with a little direction it cant be done.

My expectaions for a shotgun trigger job is different on a rifled slug gun shooting at 150 yards vs ducks at 20.

If it is sarcasm you are giving Im not interested, thanks.

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Not giving sarcasm.

Plain and simple, if you were competent enough to take the trigger group apart and examine the functionality of it, then you'd be qualified and able to stone the proper parts to reduce the weight and creep without making the trigger unsafe.


Your expectations, in order to be realistic, need to keep in mind that this is a shotgun. It is not a rifle, and it doesn't have the tight tolerances found in better rifle triggers.

The fact that you choose to use to shoot slugs at 150 yards as opposed to ducks at 20 yards will in no way change that.


Again, I suggest that you take it to a smith and ask him what he can do.

He should be able to get it down to 4-5 lbs. and still maintain a safe system.

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