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300 WSM R1


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Thanks Tucker.


I have been in contact with 90% of the shops on that list within the past 30 days. I've had the best luck with the first one on the list. However, they are telling me they've had several on order for months now, and they can't get a solid answer on when they will arrive.


I wondered if anyone had actually seen one, or had any input on distribution.

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Thanks garren.


By "these" I mean the R1 in 300 WSM. I called "Camp-Site", they have the 300, but not in WSM.


FYI - I spoke to Benelli customer service this week and they said they have none in stock and it would be at least 90 days before they will have any. She was not helpful with answering if any had been distributed anywhere. Based on my calls, no one has ever seen one, other than catalog.


Maybe Benelli should update their website. Usually the word "NEW" suggests that something is now available. "COMING SOMEDAY" might be more accurate.


Hopefully I'm wrong. I had hoped to hunt with this gun this year. Doesn't look good.

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Thanks tucker.


With all due respect, while I appreciate your brief dissertation on firearm marketing strategy, I am most interested in finding the item for which I'm searching.


Furthermore, if by "pent up demand" you mean "pent up frustration", and "feeling out the market" you mean "pisssing off potential customers", they are succeeding brilliantly.

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