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Not ejecting empty shells


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I would check the gas ports inside the piston assembly and the cylinder plunger pin (names taken from parts manual). I cleaned mine very well I had thought, then I got a good look inside the piston assembly and found quite a bit of build up. If the gas ports are semi-blocked your rounds may only be partially ejected. That or maybe there is something binding up your recoil spring tube assembly. Does it dry feed rounds OK? Feel like it's binding up?


I had a problem myself with 300 WM this last time at the range. A round misfired on me! I did a quick once over and found it never fully chambered. I attempted to recharge and the handle would not budge! I tried to force it forward and it would not budge. I ended up having the completely dissasemble the rifle right there at the range. LOL, you would have thought I was doing open heart surgery with all the lookers on. Anyway, once I started to remove the barrel it came right out.


Turned out the problem was the ammo I was using was sub grade. PMC loaded with a great bullet too -- Sierra Gamekings. The case was slightly oversized as was several more in the box! Watch out for PMC guys!!!


BTW, The guy next to me had a 270 BAR with the BOSS muzzle brake and was tack driving consistent sub 1" groups @100 yards! This was to my 1 1/2" groups. He was all smirks until he saw how easily the R1 came apart and the quality of contruction. He then acknowledged the R1 is put together better and that with out the BOSS assembly on the end his was 2" groupings. Apparently the thing works.


OK so back to the topic, I'd call customer service or have a gunsmith look it over if the ports are all clean and the recoil spring moves freely. Good luck Garren. Git r' done, Deer season is almost here!!!



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Very nice shooting! Excellent trigger control. LOL, every once in a while I'll get a round like 4" off to the left and I'll look around to see if anyone else noticed I pulled hard on the trigger.


Where I found all my carbon was on the inside of the gas port housing on the barrel (not named in the parts guide). I was actually kinda shocked I had missed it.


For me, it was very funny that the bolt was totally jammed. The round had never seated correctly and the bolt was halfway locked into the barrel. Good thing it did not fire that round being only partially in there.


Please keep us updated. I'm sure there are several others who only peruse that may have the same issue. Again good luck.



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