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  1. I have had a few problems early on for every 100 rounds or so. If I used PMC ammo it was really bad (1 round out of every 4 - and found them to have a slightly over sized ring neck on the case). After a bit of investgating with variuos types of ammo, I found the tang on the magazine to be leaving gouges on the cases so I bent the tang out a bit with my multi-tool. Has worked great ever since. These days if I have a problem cycling rounds it has usually been a failure to eject and I'm sure I did not have the butt of the rifle pressed into my shoulder good enough causing the rifle to move e
  2. Bullwinkle!!! I'd say your R1 more than did the job! -Glenn
  3. Tucker, The post with the borescope comparison - Darn that was good! Hit the point home. Is your middle name "Resourceful" or what? Always a pleasure- Thanks, Glenn
  4. OK, I'm sure if I just call customer service they'll tell me, But... I want a Super Nova Comfortech with a slug barrel. Do they come like that standard or not? The Benelli website is not all that clear about it. Some spots it says "optional slug barrel" and other spots show it as a "configuration". I went to Cabella's and I've gotten conflicting info. Two guys behind the counter say "No!", and three guys say "you can special order it..." Any one have a Super Nova Comfortech (non-camo) with the slug barrel??? Any info would be helpful. Thanks, Glenn
  5. GlennRoss

    home defense

    Buy a Benelli Pump shot gun! When asked, criminals will tell you flatly: There is no more heart stopping, frightening sound than that of shot gun being pumped! Criminals will RUN out of your house. A Fact! You can argue ballistics, recoil, or the merrits of this or that, but the psychological effect of that Sound is undeniable. My 2 cents- Glenn
  6. I like camo form tape. It's neat stuff - doesn't wear off and protects my pretty walnut finish. Oh, it also looks way cool. Has some limitations though - if it gets drenched it may hold water against the firearm. (Yikes!) That is my R1 in my hands. Ran out of camo form on the scope -- too bad cause it was realtree version which you can not get any more. If I want to re-do it I'll have to settle for Mossy oak, a military pattern, or one that makes the R1 look and shoot exactly like a BAR under water with +P ammo. Here's a link to the stuff: http://www.buysourceone.com/new/camo
  7. drcam, Try adjusting the wings of the magazine. My R1 did the same thing every once in a while. I looked at the rounds and found scrapes on the cases. I was able to match the scrapes to the magazine wings - bent them out a bit and Viola! no more mis-feeds. Now, it still may relate to the energy bled off by the gas port system that has something to do with failure to strip a round. Keep in mind it is an entire system (the Argo gas system) - not just an isolated portion of it. Any part of that system that pulls the cycle out of operating parameters may cause a malfunction in another pa
  8. Tucker, Got a Harris BIPOD on my Rock River Arms M4 .223 copy and I love it -- a bipod is a must have at the range, Harris or whatever else. Best part is that it is it is detachable, adjusts to un-even surfaces, and helps holds your aim dead-on. Plinkity - Plink, Plink, Plink! BTW - I Don't envy the deer on your sights! Please post photo's when you knock'em dead! And yeah, the new stock is MUCH better. Good Hunting, Glenn P.S. The R1 goes into the gunsmith for tirgger work on Monday.
  9. dsi123, Numrich's Gun Parts has a 10 Round 308 listed @ $75.15 (with photo) below: http://www.e-gunparts.com/DisplayAd.asp?chrProductSKU=957880&chrSuperSKU=&MC= As for .300WM I'm not sure it's made - 30-06 & 308 are all I've ever seen. You can call them (845) 679-4867 and ask if they can special order it. If anyone can get it they can. Good Luck, Glenn
  10. Jd1234 -- one acronym: CLP!!!
  11. BTW, I shot a 7/8" group today @ 100 yards (8/26/06) with "cheap" Remington 150 grain soft point 300WM ammo. Was sportin' my new Zeiss 3-9 40mm Scope. And -- Yup, I blew out the scrawny Weaver rings the guy at Cabela's assured me would hold up to the recoil. LOL, 20 rounds into its inagural bench session it slid the scope over 3/4" back into the rings til it hit the adjustment knob taper. After putting 3 rounds thru the exact same hole at 25 yards and 3 rounds in a 7/8" grouping -- the next 3 rounds went all over the target. Scratching my head I recalled Rule #1: Check your scope mou
  12. GlennRoss

    Got Ammo?

    OK Dude, I thought you liked BIG SUNGLASSES! Why the heck are you wearing those micro-bans? Mr. Elton John is at this moment writing to you with the phone number to his opthalmologist! Can you say BUG EYES? J/K -- couldn't resist. -Glenn
  13. Question: The Marines use what to clean their weapons now and twenty years ago? Answer: CLP and only CLP!!! Cleaner, Lubricant, & Preservative or MIL-L-63460D AM 6 NSN:9150-01-054-6453. BreakFree for you civilians. Not Hopes!!!! Using anything else (including Hopes) is un-authorized and can subject you to UCMJ action (AKA Article 15 or Court Martial). OK, so that might seem a bit harsh to court martial a soldier for using un-authorized commercial products to clean his weapon, but the military uses CLP (in most climates and cases) FOR A REASON: It prevents
  14. So Tucker, How is your new rifle shootn' for ya? You got us all on the egdes of our seat here. I have an M4 copy in .223 by Rock River Arms. I'm using it to hone my shooting skills before my deployment to Iraq later this year. I bought for a very serious reason; however, it turns out the thing is just darn fun to shoot! Still ... I wouldn't trade in my Walnut stocked R1 though. She owns my heart! Enjoy, Glenn
  15. I bet Lee is right. I had a similar feeding issue a while back and read a post (here) from someone (who?) who had this issue. Turns out it was 2 things for me: 1) The magazine sides where a bit tight -- I loosened them with my multi tool (they bend easily) & 2) I found that if I didn't seat the rounds all the way back in the magazine they mis-fed this way (sometimes jaming a round in tight!) If the magazine is too tight you'll notice very distinct feeding marks -- like scrapes or gouges on the cases. This happens most likely when the bolt pushes the round out of its confined space. C
  16. I had to have my threads tapped. They came un-tapped and the gun store (Jay's Sporting Goods in Claire, MI -- very reputable) stated they come "un-tapped". The holes are plugged. Other than that it was really easy . Good luck, Glenn
  17. OK, so I've shot just about everything thru my 300 WinMag R1 looking for that elusive "magic bullet" that produces super accuray with the R1's overparticular requirements. On occasion I've had a 5 shot grouping around 1.25" mostly around 1.5" or more with factory loaded ammo - no matter what. Well today I shot hand loaded Sierra 168 grn Matchkings and got my first sub MOA groups. No pun intended, but I was blown away. My rifle has a Leupold 1.5-5 VXIII 20mm scope with Illuminated mil-dot reticle. I shoot at a state run range, 100 yards, seated, from a caldwell bench shooting bag under the
  18. So, Tucker -- did it sell? If so, I'm sure it was not easy to part with such a beautiful Rifle. For myself, I'll pass it onto my grand children. -Glenn
  19. Update: Leupold is going to warranty the rings. I sent them out yesterday along with the bill from Midway USA for a set of their Mark 4 rings ($107.99 -- good deal everyone esle is at least $140 or so and some up to $210). They slot key on the bottom of the Mark 4's is steel so we'll see if they hold up. I couldn't just put the same 'disaster waiting to happen' rings back on after the warranty repair. Now all I have to do is mount the new rings. Re-boresight, re-zero, etc... To be continued...
  20. BTW Tucker -- went and saw your ad. Liked it -- definately one of the better ones! Any bites yet? I mean legitimate bites, not those fraudulent nibbles from the money pirahnas. Take care- Glenn
  21. Here's a great one from ebay: Ebay Account seller -- tonya242016 -- Swarovski PV 2.5-10x42 Rifle Scope & Swarovski 10x42 bino's each for $500. Has photo's and all. WoW, what a deal eh??? They have an ad with some one who has a 100% rating, but I know they often gain access to others accounts thru bogus, but very official looking ebay emails asking for personal info (they tried it on me and I pulled my ebay account). So I sent an email last night trying to get the free shipping if I paid thru email, LOL. Here's the response: From: [email protected] "First thing I want to tell
  22. So much for my beloved Leupold QRW detachable 30mm scope rings. My 300 Win Mag R1 bent the S-H-$-T out of the cross slot bar. The front bar is bent and cracked! I'm guessing that I might not have torqued the lever enough and it slid -OR- it just doesn't cut the mustard. Had them about a year and have shot it lots (as in lost count a few hundred rounds ago). The funny thing is I have a really good muzzle brake on my rifle -- It's not a comfort tech. I've e-mailed Leuplod customer service. See cheesy photo - sorry about poor quality, must have gotten some of that mustard my rings don't cut on th
  23. sdkidaho Well I guess they can skip that episode on Discovery Channel where they rig up the mechanical animals and fight'em to see who would win. Seems that you just can't kill a Moose with a Rabbit. Um, unless of course it was a superman rabbit like that one on Monty python and the Holy Grail. That one whipped butt, probaly take that Ol'e moose no problem. -G
  24. Update Final: Monday 1/23/06 mystery box at my front door when I got home from work ... Viola! And just like that I have the part in my hands. Just put it on and now all I have to do is wait like 3 months for it to warm up enough to go shooting at my favorite range. Anticipation... -Glenn
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