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M2 Tactical with pistol grip. Can I legally add extension tube in California?

M2 Tactical

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Originally posted by M2 Tactical:

Is it ok in California to add Tube extension to a Pistol grip M-2 tactical?

There's nothing in California law regarding magazine capacity, as long as it is under ten rounds. The California Assault Weapon Ban is fairly liberal as it applies to shotguns. Basically, only semi-autos with pistol grip AND folding stock are banned (or any semi-auto with a detachable magazine).


However, there is still Federal law to contend with. The 1989 922® ruling on imported firearms limits the importation of semi-auto long guns in "sporting" configuration only. The BATFE has not been specific regarding which feature combinations are banned, but it seems folks have been using the 1994 AWB features definition as a rule of thumb. In this case, there is a definite limit of five rounds on an imported semi-auto with any two additional evil features. Since the pistol grip is one evil feature, you wouldn't be able to install the magazine extension if your shotgun also had a folding or telescoping stock.


Meanwhile, apparently no one has ever been convicted of violating 922®.

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