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Took the R1 and Savage out to play today.

My buddy's TC joined us.



The Savage 22-250 was the focus of the outing, as I'm developing loads for it.

It really liked the 40 gr, VMax's at just below max. powder, shooting a .660 group with 4 of the 5 making a single ragged hole.


The Benelli shot horribly. I didn't measure the group, but it was in the neighborhood of 3 inches with Federal 165's.

I really can't seem to get mine to shoot anything but the Remington Accutips.


...and, oh yeah. A funny thing happened on the way home from the bench :D




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Thanks. I have an Encore smokepipe I've been toying with buying a slug barrel for in a quest for accuracy beyond the 100yd 3" groups I get from the SBEII. I know there probably isn't a direct correlation, but I'm always trying to add information as to whether the Encore is an inherently accurate platform or not to begin with. The .50 caliber muzzleloader is very accurate. That similar H&R single shot slug gun is quite accurate too ... for a slug gun. I'm also torn between working harder to improve my slug shooting technique, or trying a T/C barrel. Trouble is ... doing any amount of slug practicing beyond about 15 shots is punishing. Slugs seemingly being inaccurate by nature ... really plays with your head, and shooting confidence. Working hard and shooting 3" groups is just plain disconcerting; whether it's the nature of the beast or not! :(

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I know what you mean about slug practice.

Some years ago, we had a slug county that I really liked to hunt, so I had to get my 870 so it would shoot them.

After about five rounds, you're ready to say, "that's close enough".


I think the Encore does well enough for most hunting, but I wouldn't want it for target/varmint shooting.

For one thing, I don't like anything but a free-floating barrel.

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