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Blew Out Scope Rings


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So much for my beloved Leupold QRW detachable 30mm scope rings. My 300 Win Mag R1 bent the S-H-$-T out of the cross slot bar. The front bar is bent and cracked! I'm guessing that I might not have torqued the lever enough and it slid -OR- it just doesn't cut the mustard. Had them about a year and have shot it lots (as in lost count a few hundred rounds ago). The funny thing is I have a really good muzzle brake on my rifle -- It's not a comfort tech. I've e-mailed Leuplod customer service. See cheesy photo - sorry about poor quality, must have gotten some of that mustard my rings don't cut on the camera lens.




So I guess I'm looking for new rings. Any suggestions? BTW the picatinny rail on the gun looks a little "dented" but ok.



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Here's a quote from a fellow on the Savage forums.

His handle is hhmag, so that will tell you something.


"Just put one of the Burris Signature Safaris on a buddy's 416 Rigby recently. Whole lotta scope for the money! I'm convinced they have the best glass in their price range, or even a few ranges higher. The eye relief was a bit over 4.25" and it's pretty long for what it is (low power scope). If you use the QD Loopies, use the post and lever style, not the QRW's, they will not hold up. The Nikon Lock stud bases are a little stronger. My preference is the good old Redfield style. The 2 piece Burris bases rock, and Millett has the strongest rings in this style. Add a Meyer works lever and lap in the front ring. Best RTZ of all qd's I've used yet. Dump the windage screw on the off side (the one you didn't replace with the lever) and use a stud, star washer and nylock nut. I have this exact setup on several rifles, including a 450 Rigby Magnum and the 416 spoken of earlier. My 470 Capstick A-Square Hannibal uses this setup and the scope is stored off rifle. I can pop it on in 2 seconds and be within 1/2" of my 75m zero every time (close enough for me with that rifle).


To answer the Loopy question, I don't like them-never have. They are overrated and over priced. I have seen more Loopies fail in Africa on large medium and big bores than all other premium scopes combined. Front lenses flat out crack in the straight tube objective loopies on a regular basis, I have personally had three break on me ( one 1.24-4x20 and two 4x20s). There is much better for the money out there."

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Leupold is going to warranty the rings.


I sent them out yesterday along with the bill from Midway USA for a set of their Mark 4 rings ($107.99 -- good deal everyone esle is at least $140 or so and some up to $210). They slot key on the bottom of the Mark 4's is steel so we'll see if they hold up. I couldn't just put the same 'disaster waiting to happen' rings back on after the warranty repair.


Now all I have to do is mount the new rings. Re-boresight, re-zero, etc...


To be continued...

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