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A Lesson in Bullets...


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OK, so I've shot just about everything thru my 300 WinMag R1 looking for that elusive "magic bullet" that produces super accuray with the R1's overparticular requirements. On occasion I've had a 5 shot grouping around 1.25" mostly around 1.5" or more with factory loaded ammo - no matter what. Well today I shot hand loaded Sierra 168 grn Matchkings and got my first sub MOA groups. No pun intended, but I was blown away.


My rifle has a Leupold 1.5-5 VXIII 20mm scope with Illuminated mil-dot reticle. I shoot at a state run range, 100 yards, seated, from a caldwell bench shooting bag under the fore arm and the stock rested against my shoulder. So this is my regular set up. Not ideal for accuracy to be sure, still far better than field conditions.


Recently I made a pal out of one the 'regulars' at the range by giving him all my once shot brass. He admired my Benelli and I let him shoot it. In return he offered to "make up some really good loads" next time I saw him. Well, this week he handed me a box and said, "once you shoot these you'll start doing your own re-loading". Dale kinda chuckled and left for the day.


So this is what he loaded: 300WM, powder="Reloder" (no other specifics), wt.=72.2, Sierra Matchking bullets @ 168grns, case=win, primer=win mag (brand?), seated 3.350 -- he said the seating depth was "key" in accuracy.


So, today I shot 4 - 5 shot groups between 1" - 0.75". I can say that I drove straight from the range to a Gander mountain store to start checking out the re-loading equipment. Dale was right, I'm hooked on the hand loading thing.


So the lesson in bullets I learned was that you can shoot all the factory stuff you want, but if you dial in a hand load your more likely to get better results. Much better results. True a Sierra MatchKing is not a "hunting bullet" and I will not use it during this deer season, but it sure put a nice LITTLE group of holes in the paper from a rifle I knew had serious potential.


I'll have to work on the "hunting loads". More to come...



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I have a browning BaR .270 with similar results. Tried different loads forom a local handloader. I found that this gun seem to like Remington core-loct bullets factory the best. Now I am reloading for myself, I have bought core-loct bullets, and tried seating them at the same depth, can't seem to get the same accuracy as factory. I have to now try different powders I think.

In my .243 Rem model 7 I found it likes hornady intrlock bullets, with IMR 4831 powder.

Anyways start reloading. It will turn into a sickness. You will shoot alot more and become a lot better shooter.

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