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R1 Comfortech 3006 up for sale, mint


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I'm putting my R1 Comfortech up for sale on Gunsamerica.com. It's mint, got it this summer, only been to the range twice for total of 40 shots, has an extra magazine and the safety is switched to left hand. Great gun, really quite accurate but I am a bolt action man and can't let such a sweet rifle languish in the safe. I have nothing but good things to say about the R1 and the Comfortech is amazing, so little recoil can can see the bullets hit!

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Got me there Tucker, when did I pick it up, sounds like April weather. It's actually been in Maryland twice since then for the trigger job and safety switch - 1st time took 5 weeks and they forgot to switch the safety but the second time they had it back in less than 2 weeks so it feels very new to me. And yup, I forgot about those 1st trips (in early summer ;) ) so it's been to range 4 times, for about 60 shots total. Thanks for keeping me honest.

Originally posted by tucker301:

Originally posted by smong2000:

It's mint, got it this summer

From your fist post:

"I just picked up my rifle, ... Even though it was 13 degrees with a 25 mph wind, I had to go out and fire a few rounds. "


Wow! Those summers can be brutal in Vermont :eek:

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