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Scoping my R-1


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I have been struggling to find appropriate bases and rings for my R-1 in .308. I first intalled on separate Leupold QD bases and rings thinking that it would allow me to use the cool Benelli "violin case" it came in. These worked OK but had to be shimmed at the back to get the scope into alignment. Groups really suffered though - the best 100 yd group with Fed Gold Medal match ammo was 2.75 in. So I installed the picatinny base Benelli supplied (even though it looks crappy for a sporting rifle), I :confused:

took it in and had the sporting good store guy try a set of Warnes rings on the rail. He could not get the scope into satisfactory vertical alignment - without taking the scope to its adjustment limits.

Any suggestions out there?


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The rail has a front and back end, with a slight incline or decline, I don't remember which.


Any chance he could have mounted it backwards?


Never had a problem with vertical when I used the factory rail.


In shimming, you may want to try the Burris rings with the offset inserts.

In fact, the Signature rings are about the best you can get, even if you get the standard ones.

The inserts eliminate the possibility of ring marks altogether.

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I mounted the rail properly - it is clearly marked - what if IT was marked wrong :eek: - maybe I shoud put it on backwards and giver a try? I am not familiar with the Burris bases with offset inserts - but I am going there next.



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