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New SBE2's Duck Blind Debut


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Yesterday was my first day in the blind with my new SBE2.

The day started out a bit slow, with just a few ringnecks passing over the decoys. No shooters.

About 30 minutes after sunrise, I spotted a gang of about 15 canada geese heading right for us. My partner and I had no chance to prepare for them by switching to heavier shot, so we went with what we had. We each got doubles! My SBE2 was at last getting a chance to show me what she could do!

The recoil of the 3.5" steel 3's was not even noticed as the geese folded and crashed into the surrounding cattails. In all honesty, I should have had a triple, but my partner and I had picked out the same bird as our first shot and he fired first, throwing my timing off just a bit.


We picked up a few ringnecks there before we loaded up and began to patrol the creeks and backwaters for jump shots.

As we entered the first back cove, a lone canada got up and came straight out over us, and the eagle took another victim!


We stopped for lunch in a big creek where we had jumped about 50 mallards and a handful of teal.

After lunch, we figured we'd given them long enough to return, but they were not going to do so, so we began to make our way out.


As we passed a pothole concealed by a narrow band of cattails, two greenheads blasted up and away out about 30 yards out. There were no survivors smile.gif


Getting back to the landing and meeting up with our parters in another boat, we discovered that they had a good shoot as well. The two boat total was 5 geese, 4 greenheads, 1 hen mallard, 3 green-wing teal, and 7 ringnecks.


This was by far one of the best days we've had here this season and renews hope that the next cold front will only improve things even more!


The black SBE2 looked like **** when she came out of the boat. There was dirt, water, mud, and blood scattered from one end to the other, but a few minutes of TLC once I returned home brought her right back to factory condition.

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