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SBE II Max 4 camo is chipping off

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I bought my SBE II on September 2nd, 2004 from Scheel's Sporting Goods. I put 260 shells through it this past waterfowl season and about three weeks into the season I noticed that the camo was chipping off around the left side knock out pin hole on the receiver. As the season progressed the chip became larger and is now about two inches long.


Another problem is the fore grip stock is cracked inside. I think there are three or four small connecting strips of plastic that connect each side of the fore grip and create a circle for the magazine tube to slide through. Well one of those connectors is cracked all the way through.


Anyone else having these problems?


I have not contacted Benelli as of yet but I am planning on calling this week. Thanks

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I bought the black finish because I've heard many comments on the poor quality and durability of the camos, not just on Benellis, but all makes. The camo finish is basically a film or decal, and I just don't like that.


As for the forearm, mine hasn't shown any signs of cracking, but it has been a concern, given the force required to slide the forearm off.


I'm sure CS will send you a new forearm, but I wouldn't be surprised if they tell you that finish coming off is considered normal wear.


Once I've worn down my black finish, I plan on having a teflon finish applied.


Someone else recently posted some pictures of a gun that had been custom painted and the prices seemed reasonable.


See this thread:



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The camo on my SBE II (Advantage Timber) has held up really well.

I have had several other shotgun's diopped by a company called Duracoat, with excellent results.

They do first rate work, and the camo is extremelly durable. When the SBE II starts to show wear that is where it is going.


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