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Who blows a RNT Original?


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I don't own one but I've blown one. Pretty good call. I thought it sounded great, real raspy. But it was louder than I wanted. I already had a call I liked. I went with a DOA double trouble for that low bottom end stuff. Still real raspy but ultra quiet for that close in stuff. Great finishing call.

I'm sure the RNT will work well too.

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Stick N Tone.... they are a bit sensitive about sticking. I have a black acrylic and a cocobolo original and the first year of hunting with one I stuck it all the time. Once I learned how to not spit into the call I loved them and now blow exclusively RNT. Customer service is awesome as well so good luck with the purchase.


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I had also heard that. I read that RNT has done something in recent years to help with the sticking. Don't know if that is verifiable or not... probably should just give them a ring.


I found a used original over at the 'Fuge for $70. Looks to be in killer shape, but old enough to have a sticker. So, maybe I'll send it in for engraving and a bit o' love when I get it.

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