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Nitro and Rhino Pattern Results

War Wagon

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Gun: SBE I SteadyGrip 24" barrel

Sight: Leopuld/Gilmore red dot

Choke: Rhino .660-2

Load: Nitro H51013 4X5X7 2 1/4 oz. HS @ 1200 FPS

Range: 40 yards


Results: Velocity 1186 FPS sky screen set at 8'

98% inside 20" circle

48 pellets inside 4" circle


I am real happy with the results.


I did try one other nitro load of 2 oz. of #5 HS that was suppost to go 1300 FPS. I could only get 1165 out of it but it did pattern good.


Good Hunting,


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tucker, I know what you mean about the hanging up. I hunt public land and get alot of that. That is why I have shot a BPS 10 ga. for the last 15 years with BP loads. Now with the ground I have to cover and getting old that 10 is too much to carry around anymore. I would love to be able to carry my model 7 in .243 when they hang up but we can't carry rifles down here.




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