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Jellyhead .660 3inch patterns.


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I have a M2, and just ordered the JH .660. Anyone pattern some 3 inch shells though this choke? Might save myself a few bucks on shells. Also my point of aim seems a little high with the factory choke, will switching shims help me out with this?


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Thanks for the reply's. :rolleyes: My M2 (24 inch) was shooting on average, 10 or so inchs high at 30 yards. Called Benelli, they had me shim it from B to C and repattern. Helped at little but not much. So I called back, they are sending me a larger front sight (Bead). The pattern was center, just 8 to 10 inchs high. Anyone else have this problem?

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Maybe try the 'search' button next time and save the :rolleyes: for someone who cares...


This topic has been discussed repeatedly and it's no fun to keep repeating the info.


My SBE II shoots high. I made a D (not offered for the M2/SBE II) shim by sanding down an A shim and adding it to the C. Now it shoots exactly where I want to - I aim at the turks neck where the feathers meet the skin - and the patter lifts just a bit right into the head area.


It is generally accepted that Bennellis shoot high by design - this feature is generally favored by bird and clay shooters - but, turk hunters may need to tweak the shims to get the pattern they want...


mudhen - CA

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