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  1. Looking to trade my 14 3/8 lop M2 comfort tech recoil pad for a 14 lop pad if interested. Mine has a few scratches but in good shape. Can send pics if interested............ Thanks....................
  2. I went trough this a couple years ago with my new M2. While changing shims might help some, it didn't help me at all. All the shells I patterned were too high. Called Benelli and had them send me a Nova Bead which is twice or three times as big as the orginal, it brought my pattern down, shooting just the tip of the bead, in sight on the rib.
  3. I'm using a Woodhaven Vision Aluminum, along with the red wing mouth call, and the crabtree sig mouth call from Woodhaven. The sound is just unreal, Bartman I too had trouble with my Vision at first, seemed to lose its grab on the surface. Just lightly knock the glase off your striker tip with 220 grit, and run your striker with less angle, almost straight up and down with the call and a little more pressure. Try it, that perfect rasp is sweet. I also use a Cody world class, and Woodhaven Laminated Oak strikers with both calls. Its just real turkey........
  4. I've had some trouble getting good even patterns from my SBE at 40 yards, so I picked up over $100's worth of ammo and had at it. Man my shoulder is feeling it, let me tell ya. Here's what I came up with. I didn't try any of the heavy loads, these are standard lead CP. SBE W/Jellyhead .655: the best pattern was Winchester Sup 2 3/4 6's with 1 5/8 oz shot. Nothing else was even close..............these are some of the cheapest turkey loads. ($7.99 a box last year.......Now $12.99 in my area anyway) M2 W/Jellyhead .660: Winchester Sup 3in 6's with 2oz followed by the same 2 3/4 load above. Honorable mention was FED Strut shok (blue box) 3in 6's with 1 7/8oz shot. I tried several 3 1/2 loads in the SBE last year with no luck, and didn't have much success with the 3 inch loads either, using FED, WIN, and Rem loads. Again, I didn't purchase any heavy shot loads, and would bet the Extended range Elite 6's would preform well based on other posts. I'm just not ready to give in to the man... Ha! Try that 2 3/4 Win sup XX shell (X12HXCT6) at 40 yards in your Jellyhead it also gave outstanding results in my 870 with a Rem Super Full .660.
  5. Yep, good old USA. Ya gotta love it. Earl Hicky says vacuum....
  6. I think we all agree that you point a shotgun at moving targets. And we might all agree that we aim at a stationary target with a shotgun using the bead, rifle sights, and or scope. Note I said might agree. Having said this: Livergsp, have someone stand behind you when shooting clays. He or she can see where you wad is going, high or low, and you can use the shims to compensate for that. You are pointing a shotgun when shooting at moving targets. As for the next debated subject: If your pattern is low when shooting at a stationary target using your bead or beads in your case, the only way to raise it is use a smaller bead at the muzzle. You may even have to remove the mid bead. If your pattern is still low you can also file that smaller muzzle bead down. After doing all of this and its still low, its possible that your barrel wasn't bored and threaded correctly, makeing your chokes crooked in relation to the barrel. This would be an issue with Benelli customer service. HH is right, once a scope is mounted, shimming will not raise or lower your pattern. Same as the case when aiming with a bead or rifle sights, shimming will not raise or lower your pattern. Period. The only way to change you pattern when aiming, is to adjust the sights. By sights I mean bead, rifle sights, or scope. If you shoot a slug through a barrel with rifle sights mounted to it, and your point of impact is low, the only way to change it is adjust the sights. Lowering the rear sight will bring the slug down, raising the rear sight will bring it up. Shimming will do nothing for you. Period. Same case with a bead when aiming at a stationary target, if the pattern is low, smaller bead. If the pattern is high, bigger bead. Shimming will do nothing for you. Period. [ 05-31-2006, 08:01 AM: Message edited by: perrytrails ]
  7. I just boosted my intelligence 3 fold, right there.
  8. I'm a noob, [ 05-16-2006, 12:27 AM: Message edited by: perrytrails ]
  9. Your exactly right siskr, be it two beads or one, changeing a shim will only raise or lower your shot when mounting a shotgun and shooting at a moving target. I'm also done with the horse! [ 05-07-2006, 07:35 PM: Message edited by: perrytrails ]
  10. Not trying to beat a dead horse, but here goes. I mentioned in a previous post, shiming the gun will make your gun shoot higher or lower depending which shim you use, IN REGARDS TO THE WINGSHOOTER OR CLAY BIRD SHOOTER, AKA... MOVING TARGETS. This is when you point a shotgun at a moving target. I don't care how you look at it, when you use the bead to aim a a fixed postion target, such as a turkey, your bead and vent rib are fixed to the barrel. Its gonna shoot where it shoots period. I don't care if you shim that stock with a brick, or turn it upside down. The only way to change it is adjustable sights mounted to the vent rib, this will allow to to adjust your pattern or slug up or down, and or left and right. Or if your pattern is just high or low, a bigger bead will lower your pattern, a smaller one will raise it. BENELLI ALSO CONFIRMED THIS IN OUR PHONE CONVERSATION. I recieved a bead from Benelli, twice as large as the orginal M2 bead. It is the huge bead that is on the Nova. Pattern's are now perfectly center. Nuff said! Somebody will still say I'm wrong. Tucker I've been shooting for 29 years, i've taken many turkeys in several states over the years. One things for sure, don't go to the woods without a proven gun. With the larger bead, its ready to go now. AGAIN, CHANGING SHIM'S WILL NOT RAISE OR LOWER YOU PATTERN WHEN USING YOUR BEAD TO AIM AT A FIXED TARGET. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT BENELLI SAID ALSO! What more do you need to hear. Like I said, I didn't come hear to bash anyone, or insult anyone's intellengence. Don't bash me or insult mine. [ 05-07-2006, 05:58 PM: Message edited by: perrytrails ]
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