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Stoeger-Uberti 1873 accuracy


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Purchased a new 1873 Stoeger-Uberti rifle in 45 Colt only to find I get 6 to 8 inch groups at 45 yards. Firearm was returned to Stoeger for warranty repair, they fired 3 shots thru it, enclosed their target and suggested I had defective ammo. Their group at 45 yards was 3 inches. Not acceptable. Anyone else having accuracy problems or problems getting Stoeger to honor their warranty?

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i would make shure to get a bunch of differnt loads and take a friend and a good rest. ive found that thats the best way to sort out some of my shooting problems. its amazeing how differnt loads shoot because your gun is a replica it may have a lot less twist in the bbl because back then people were still using black powder to load with. if that is the case fitting the ammo to the gun is very important. also dont forget to take in ambient air temp, gun temp, wind, hangovers, and other distractions.

as for the warrenty i just gave up if i cant fix it my self im shure that i know someone that can and for cheep or trade.

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I got my Condor back Wed. to my surprise they replaced it, said it was not repairable.

The new one was as rough as the original so screw it i worked on it myself and got it to open ok. with time i'm sure it will be fine.

I took it out for a spin last night and after 4 rounds of Trap (never did it before) shot 21 of 25. guess i'm getting the hang of it. I'm hooked.

Tech support through Benelli steered me to a choke suplier which i posted on this web a little while ago.

Sitting next to a Baretta last night this gun isn't as nice looking but for $1600 less and it shot better. and i'm not going to be pissed off when i drop it on the side of the boat.

Thanks for the advice about figuring it out.


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i'm supprised that they replaced the weapon thats rare it must have been realy wrong. i use the boat ore comparison a lot. the wife just bought a 686 onyx in 20ga and there's no way i would abuse that weapon like i do my condor. but i feel that her beretta is a much better pointing shot gun. when i sholder it it just feels better its hard to explaine

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