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slugs & barrel lenght

grey dog

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I have been trying to find a good slug for my 870, it has full rifled barrel 23" with cantliever scope mount, I have shot until my shoulder is about to fall off. What are some good slugs? I've been shooting winchester 2 3/4" part. golds, remington copper solids, and some federal part. the tightest group i camn get is 2.5"- 3". Does slug shooting get any better than this? Does the barrel lenght make a differance in shotguns like it does rifles?

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You might want to look into the Lightfield Hybrid EXP Sabot Slugs, they work better than anything else in my Nova Fully Rifled barrel, very consistent at 100 yards I get groupings of 1 1/2- 2", and I believe that is as good you can get with slugs at that distance, Good Luck

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I have a rifled Hastings 24 inch on mine and I trust only 2 slugs on my barrel. I throw my factory barrel because it doesnt give me a tight grouping than Hasting. Brenneke Gold and Lightfield Commander IDs are the two slugs I use. 1 to 1 and 1/2 are normal and sometimes the hits on the target are touching each other. Well, thats after years of shooting slugs and after I learned how to deal with the KICK of the slug. Last year I shot a buck with a Lightfield at a measured 87 yards from a treestand. One shot and the buck fell on his knees. Two years ago measured at 75 yards (same area) I was using Brenneke Gold and same result. Maybe I found a slug that MATCH my barrel. Try other brands, thats what I did until I found those 2. Now every year I see to it that I have at least 10 boxes of each to make sure I have available ammo when i go hunting. This year I am going to use LF again because my son who is going with me chose the Brenneke. He is a convert (from an expensive top of the line name brand to mid priced Brenneke) and doesnt want to use anything except BGold. He also bought a Hasting bbl and stopped saying that the factory knows what they are doing/selling and using on their guns. By the way I live on hunting deer with slug only state.

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