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Scent does play a major role in deer hunting and I think the bow hunters of the world need to be more careful about it for many reasons. Mainly, they need to be close to their quarry and also are normally chasing the big one, who has seen and smelled it all.

For the gun hunter on opening day, when there are dozens of guys in your area and human related scent abound, I think you need to be wise, but not fanatical about your scent. Take a shower, use baby powder instead of deodorant, make sure your clothes are clean and have sat on a line outside for a few days prior to putting them on, don't sweat them up getting to your stand in the morning and approach your stand with the wind in your face. If you want to take this further feel free, but if you practice these suggestions, at a minimum, I think you will have a successful career as a deer hunter.


From a choke standpoint, is Iowa a slug state or buckshot?

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Thank you for all your input its very helpfull .

Yes Iowa is a slug state.Opening day is the 4th of dec so Im gatting very pumped up this will be my first time out and I have a very nice buck in mind I think he might be close to a 12 pointer.I orderd some H.S. Scent-A-Way and there Prime time scent wafers . Thanks again for all your help

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If you have time and money, pick up a rifled slug barrel for that Nova. I use a Hastings, but there are others. Then try a couple different Sabot slugs from people like Whitfield and Winchester. See which one patterns better.

If you don't have the $/time to get this done, you should shoot a rifled slug through the most open choke that you have for the Nova. If IC is the largest, then that's what you should site your gun in with.

Be sure to know your equipment and where it shots before trying this buck. If he is an old guy, you're likely to only get one shot at him, if at all this late the season.

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Thank you for all your help .I am in 8th grade with no job so I might not beable to get that rifled slug barrle. I wish I had the money but I just don't . I tryed 2 difrent brands of slugs and the Sulger by Remiton seemed to work the best for me. Shotgun season opens on saterday so please wish me luck ,I need it. By the way will saterday be to late to use doe in heat scents??And how long does the rut normally last?

Thank you once again for all your help.


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Glad to see your interest in the sport and taking equipment seriously. We owe it to the game we pursue. Interestingly enough, I shot my first deer when I was in 8th grade.

Used Rem. Sluggers for years through a smoothbore slug barrel. Works just fine. Watch yourself past 50-60 yards though as accuracy will dimenish through that IC choke using these slugs. Save up your Christmas money and buy a rifled slug barrel, you'll be thankful.

As for doe in heat, I'm pretty sure the rut in Iowa has been out for a few weeks by now so I doubt the heat scent will do much for you. I know Ohio was out about the second week of November and we are probably on the same timetable. You may hit the second rut when does come back into heat, if they weren't visited by Mr. Big last month, but doubtful.

Try to keep your clothes and body as scent free as possible, know where your gun shoots and sit still....you'll score, Lord willing. Good luck.

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