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  1. As the saying goes, which head was he thinking with? I haven't meet a guy yet that hasn't done something dumb by using the wrong decision making organ.
  2. Here's a pic after I stripped the velvet. The one on the ground in front of me is my first bull. It had already lost its velvet. http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d109/bwnr/165.jpg
  3. Thanks guys. As the antlers grow, they are in velvet. It starts to peel off mid-sept. Some that we saw already had it stripped completely off and their racks were pure red from blood still exuding out the bone. We took 12 bulls this week and all but 1 were in velvet. They all stripped right off, no problem, like unwrapping a present. In early september you can get some formdehyde into them to hold the velvet, but by the time we hunted, it was too late to save it.
  4. bwnr

    Slug Gun

    Pick up a used gun at a show, one that fits comfortably and shoulders really nice. Spend time on the fit. 2 3/4" chamber is plenty. Then, go and get a new rifled slug barrel for it with iron sights. Pick up 3-5 different sabot manufacturers products and spend some time on the range. Stick with the best grouping product. Wipe it down and put it in the case till fall. Fire a couple slugs through it right before season and you're good to go. Sell the extra shot barrel on e-bay to recoupe some expense. All total, you should be out between $4-600.
  5. I know I'm a bit late chiming in on this one, but for what it's worth....I took an old Ithaca 37 and chopped the barrel down. Then I had it drilled and tapped for choke tubes. I only shoot the cylinder tube in it for bunnies. I can shoot this gun and cycle it with one hand. (When you're hunting alone and you are the dog, this method happens more times than not when crawling through briars). Based on this experience, I would think a coach gun would be great.
  6. Much appreciated guys. I will be trying both very soon!
  7. And we wonder why anti-hunting sentiment is up.....we're doing it to ourselves!
  8. Tucker, What else did you have in that pot? Need some ideas on goose breasts as my family is pickier than I am (5 and 7 year olds). Thanks.
  9. Other than the truely poetic idiot bashing that some of the members of this forum are so gifted at posting, I think the best thread topic started is this one! Great picture posts gentlemen, keep 'em coming. I have 8 long months to endure before hitting the muck again and need these story/pics to get me through.
  10. 1) Roast the whole bird breast side down, low and slow with apples, celery and onion in the bird. Add a little wine, juice or water in the bottom of the roasting pan for moisture. Rub some sage, rosemary or thyme into the skin before roasting. 2) The way we like best is to cut the breasts into 1" cubes. Marinate in italian dressing, with a little worcestshire sauce, minimum 8 hours. Wrap each cube with 1/2 slice of bacon, skewer with toothpick and grill till medium and bacon slightly crispy. Watch our for fire flare-ups! Kids pop these like crazy. 3) Marinate breasts in caribbean jerk marinade or other and just grill them till medium. Do not over cook!
  11. There have been thousands, if not millions of rifled slugs shot through smooth bore barrels and IC chokes, just in our own state of Ohio alone. This was the ol' standby combination for decades here, that is, before rifling started appearing in shotgun barrels and chokes. You'll be fine, shot away. Or, you go the other way, shot a sabot slug through a rifled choke tube. This will be fine as well. DON'T shoot a sabot through a smoothbore/IC combo or a rifled slug through a rifled barrel or choke.
  12. I know no one that shoots as much as you do. Believe me, I'm envious. I'd be in the same position if I shot that many rounds/yr. I'm a bit bird and time limited here in NE Ohio.
  13. Mudhen, This may be more info than you were asking, but as long as I have space, here goes: Prior to January 2005, 10 lbs. was $101. Late in 2005, it increased to $129/10 lbs. Now I am hearing that $159/10 lbs. is on the table. At the $101 HS price, my 1 3/8 oz, 3" handload was $1.12/shell. At $129, it went to $1.36 per trigger pull. Now at $159, my single shell price is $1.62. I am only getting 2-3 firings per hull, so add $0.10 per shell when starting with new hulls. Sure, if I was shooting 5-8 cases, this would break my piggy too and I would have to go another route, but for the 6-8 boxes I shoot a year, I'm "all in" with hevi-shot. Will I shoot it at $500/10 lbs., I don't know, but I have to believe that it won't get there. Fine American ingenuity and greed will stop that in a competative offering. Besides, it gives my retired father something to do. I set him up with a MEC 9000G and he just sits down and cranks 'em out for us.
  14. My first big score so I have to gloat a little. Just recieved the official B&C score....375 0/8 which puts me in the all-time record book. Sweet!
  15. I have to reiterate Rock Hall's comments concerning Hevi-Shot. I've been reloading it for 3 years and even with the price increase since the Remington/Environmetals divorce, I won't use anything else.
  16. That goose shot was crazy! Our best outing in 5 years. Turned out to be a 97 bird day (93 geese, 4 ducks). 4 hunters and sometimes 3 as we had to draw straws on 2 occasions to see who the unlucky guy was who had to walk back to the truck for more shells!! Honestly, we quit an hour before shooting time as I had had enough. Convinced the other 3 that we had a truely historic day so let's wrap it up. (Besides, breasting out 97 birds would take the rest of the evening). One SBE, two SBEII's and one BPS. 3" Hevi-shot home loadings pushing 1 3/8" oz. #2's at 1525 fps. Totally awesome load. A bit pricy, but worth every trigger pull.
  17. Cold, but worth it. http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d109/bwnr/1-21-05.jpg
  18. I reiterate and stress Cleric's post. Shoot that round through both chokes....30" circle, 40 yards away. Count the pellet strikes in each circle. Sacrifice an unspent shell and count how many pellets are in there. Divide holes in paper by pellets in shell to give you a percentage of hits inside the circle. You may not notice very much difference, but every gun/shell combination is different. For me, I like IC over decoys with steel and Mod. in fields. Man, what a weekend you're in for! It looks like an Alberta clipper is coming through today and tomorrow here in NE Ohio. Hopefully it will push some birds down for us (I drew Magee Marsh for this Saturday). Maybe we'll hear each other wackin' some birds! Good luck.
  19. Look out Kentucky and Tennesse! This past Thursday I easily saw a thousand mallards flying south with a stiff tailwind. Not a one wanted to stop and rest in front of me or anyone else on the state reservoir I was hunting. Friday, different story, saw 8 mallards all day.
  20. at least he's dressing for safety
  21. The entire state of Ohio week after Thanksgiving....every year. The rifled slug barrel, a major thrust forward in technology for this and many other states!
  22. Sept. 1-15 in Ohio (except for select, non-priviledged areas). 3 birds / day baby! Die, you golf course holagans!
  23. Rain in Ohio last Saturday AM didn't stop me from sitting on the edge of a field, next to a cow farm, on the edge of a leafy wood lot....end result, my first turkey! Nothing to brag about, but I'm not cherry anymore. BTW, had a hen come in early and strut around my decoy and then proceed to kick the snot out of it. Has anyone ever seen a hen strut?
  24. bwnr

    Which Shell?

    If you don't have time to switch out shells, then 4's would work all-around. Just don't try those big honkers that are out there a ways with the stuff. If you do have time to switch shells while hunting, definately hevi-shot 2's for the geese. I have used this for years and have nothing but stone-cold dead geese to show for it. Personally, I think 4's in hevi-shot are a bit much for pothole or decoy ducks. Open fields, maybe, if they are out at 50-60 yards, but for the 30-40 yard distances that are typically long for decoying/pothole ducks, downsize to a 6 in hevi-shot.
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