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Guided Hunt

Roll Tide

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My uncle is a guide at a local frm and, if the hunters (all members) expect he and his dogs to work for birds the next time they book him, he is tipped after the hunt. Tipping amount varies but it's usually between 15-20%.


If you hired a guide for "real" hunting you need to consider a lot of variables, but the rule of thumb is this....if the guide is wowing you and your partners you'll probably want him to be "available" next year too. Guides remember who tipped well the previous year. So tip well so he remembers you.

If the service is lousy or your expectations are not being met; the time to let your guide know is well before you tip him poorly.

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Is it on a game farm or are these wild birds?


If a game farm I would tip less


I tip on the three factors


was the guide a enjoyable guy and give a quality experience


quality of the dog work and performance


Did he get you into birds


one to four guys with one guide I would tip $50 to $20


Have fun what state are you going to

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We are going on a game preserve in Alabama. It will be our first father-son guided trip. We would like to see what it is like to use a guide close to home before we spend a lot more money and travel. Just to make sure we like guided hunts or if we like it on our own. If we like it we definitely plan to try a couple of out-of-state place like Nebraska or the Dakotas.

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Roll Tide brother, where will you be going? If you are going to Parchants Cove Hunting Preserve? I know there are many here in the State but that one is the only one that I know of that does pheasant hunts. I think you and your dad will have a ball. I have never done it but have talked to some friends that have and they said they enjoyed it. They do use dogs but had to kick (literaly) the birds up. Good Luck and ROLL TIDE, just 6 more days till kickoff...

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Nice to see another Alabama boy on here. I'm from Gurley, Alabama. We are planning on going to Limestone Hunting Preserve. It is just past the Madison/Limestone county line on Highway 53. I hope Alabama football does well this year, but it will be interesting to see how they adapt to the new coach.

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