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16 Gauge Benelli?? Perfect Upland Gun!!


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Would Like to know how people feel about a possible 16 gauge Benelli? I currently have a 12 gauge M1 and love it. I mainly use it for ducks. I consider it too heavy for upland. I have tried a M1 in 20 gauge but found it too light and whippy. I think a 16 gauge would be perfect if it is in the mid 6lb. range and built on a true 16 frame. Remington is bringing back the 1100 16 gauge but it is nothing more than a 16 barrel on a 12 gauge frame which defeats the purpose. A 16 should be lighter than a 12. A 12 gauge will always be the most versatile and a 20 gauge is a great gun for many but a 16 gauge is best for upland. How does the majority feel?

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The 16 ga is great for upland hunting. I have a Browning sweetsixteen love it. But its a half century old. Theres no spare barrels, parts are hard to find and it costs an arm and a leg to get it serviced. Like you, I wish someone besides Remington would take a bold step and bring out a 16 ga auto. I think FRANCHI might be the best company to do this. There AL 48 line would be awsome with a 16 ga they'd sell like hot cakes. The AL 48 have classy Browning A-5 looks, that most people like. FRANCHI we need an AL 48 16 ga frame with a beautiful english stock; make this dream come true for all of us 16 ga lovers.

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I would love to see a AL 48 16 gauge at 6 pounds with a 28 inch barrel.


the 16 just patterns better than a 20 with 1 to 1 1/4 oz loads.


a Beretta 391 16 ga or Franchi 616 would be great also.


The only two 16 ga worth buying new right now are the Ithaca 37 pump and brownings O/U


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I don't know.... if I'd have to choose 1 gun/gauge for all Upland game it'd be the 12ga. From the Northern woods for Timberdoodles and Ruffs to the

Dakotas for 'Iron Birds' and Sharptails - if there was only one to carry I'd have the 12 in hand.


Plenty of loads to choose from and more available in a pinch (cheaper too)! Plus the different tubes available today make for more versitility.


Although I'd miss my 20 and 28 .... I've never had my Winchester model 12 16ga. out of the house..... Which I could swear was keyed the ' sweet-sixteen ' not the Browning, verboten.

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Attention all 16 ga. lovers. B.S.A. Has just such a gun.It is an auto with 26" or 28" barrels .It also comes with screw in chokes.The problem,like most imports is finding them in some locations.

I finally gave up.hope you have better luck where you are . Semper Fi

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