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Rusty barrel on M2


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Has anyone out there experienced a problem with rust on their barrel's exterior? I went on a dove shoot this past weekend in which it rained on us pretty good. Wiped the gun down good following and put it up. But, now I have small spots of rust all over the barrel. Is there anything that will get this off?


Thanks for any info

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first try hosing it down with oil and letting it sit over night then wipe clean and re-apply oil ... keep doing this until you get all of the rust colored brown gunk off


then remember to oil the gun before and after use ... especially in wet conditions!!!


I'd tear the gun down and saturate all metal parts and surfaces with oil doing the same thing as I stated above.


Good Luck

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I use BreakFree Collector on all my non-stainless weapons for rust prevention. It works especially well on Parkerize and matte-blue finishes, as it soaks into the pores and stays there. I would contact Benelli about your barrel rusting. It seems odd that a barrel that was wiped down with CLP after a hunt would have any rust problems. BreakFree Collector is the preservative component of CLP.

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One more thing, soak the barrel real good with CLP, then lightly buff the rusted areas with fine steel wool. Use a very light touch. You don't want to remove the bluing, just the rust. After that is done, lay the barrel on several layers of newspaper on your cleaning bench, and saturate the heck out of it with CLP (or Collector) and let is sit for a day or two before wiping it down.

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Originally posted by threeshot:



I would go with BirdDog’s advice without the steel wool.


Then if you still have rust on the barrel, I would take Benelli up on their offer to return the barrel and allow them to fix the issue.


Perhaps a posting from someone that has been there and done that (with steel wool).


Rust Cleaner?


Regards threeshot

I had an Auto-5 that unfortunately picked up a little surface rust while in unheated storage. I used the fine steel wool and CLP trick, and you would not be able to see where unless I pointed it out. On a matte blue gun, it would not be visible at all. If it is a polished blue barrel, then I would return it, then coat the replacement barrel with Flitz metal polish with carnauba wax. Water will just bead up and roll off of that stuff. I used to use it on my Guide gun until I had it Parkerized. Now I just soak the Parkerize in Breakfree Collector every now and then.
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