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mid-west quail


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Looking for any information on the mid-wests quail populations. Specificly Illinois, Iowa and Indiana. We had a population of Bobwhites here in Wisconsin years back but, I've not seen them or heard them in recent years.... Just curious as to what the populations are and how they've faired here in the midwest recently.

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bbeach- No i haven't tried the DNR web sites because they usually give untranslatable, sparce or mixed up information.... like ours here in Wisconsin..... no info on Bobwhites ... but, we have a season starting Statewide Oct. 18 - Dec. 10. Same with Huns, Statewide Oct. 18 - Dec. 31. I've only seen the two species on game farm menus here... never heard hide nor hair of 'em established anywhere. But they might have the seasons due to fly-offs or 'scratch' birds ... I'm just wondering if the same is present around the rest of the Mid-West.


Thanks for the reply!

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I should correct myself on this ... We do have a range @ 15 counties listed and they give some count of birds .... hardly enough to graph these days though. I think i'm going to call a few state biologists to find out a bit more info and hear it from the horses mouth. As with all wildlife, specific habitat along with favorable weather conditions is essential to their survival and abundance . Thanks again.

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