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m1 tactical "+1" loading question


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I'm sure some of you know the answer to this off the top of your heads, but what is the procedure (step 1, step 2, etc.) to load an "extra" shell onto the carrier of the older Benelli M1 guns?


My search did turn up reference of "one cut" vs. 2 on the carrier, I have an older model with one cut I believe.



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do this with care in mind,,load the magazine tube to capacity,,,,,,open the bolt just enough to put one shell on the lifter and then one in the chamber,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ride the bolt closed don't let it slam,,,,make sure your Benelli is a single notch bolt ,or this won't work,,,remember saftey on ,===========peace love and Benellis forever :cool: smile.gif :cool: smile.gif M1014


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Make sure that the shell is pushed down and forward on the carrier while the slide is released. My "older" SBE will take the 3 1/2" shells ;) while my newer 20 ga. Montrefeltro will only take 2 3/4" shells :confused: (not the 3")when it's rear carrier "slot" was filled in with epoxy. Best, Robert


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Thanks, that seemed to be the only method that would work for me, but wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything.


I had tried this earlier with some dummy shotshells I got from Brownells; that's the only safe way for me to check this at home, ha.

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