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Dave Gruber's Benelli's


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Last season we hosted the "General" at our ranch in Truscott Texas. It was for his American Bird Hunter show on the Outdoor Channel. .Sure was a fun hunt and his gun dog Peaches is awesome...


However, his lightweight Benelli's were so much fun to chase Quail with all day.. We Quail-DUCK-Goose Hunted for about four days in North Texas.


While I tried my best to have him leave me a Benelli, all I got was these pictures...lol, it sure was fun and they have some great shooting shotguns!!!



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Originally posted by sdkidaho:

Just watched the episode with you fellers. Good stuff. :D

Thanks, you could tell we were duck hunters pretending to be quail hunters... I think the general will be back with us for duck season this year..He wants a nice Canvas back. I still look forward to getting to hunt with him for more than a few hours... otherwise I will disapear with Peaches ,to go even the score on some Bobwhite Quail...lol...


[*]http://www.txdovehunt.com/General_MRS-Singelton-Peaches_03.jpg General_MRS-Singelton-Peaches_03.jpg General_MRS-Singelton-Peaches_03.jpg

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