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I got home today and was coming around the corner of the garage and saw a Pheasant just coming out of the grain field onto our lawn. I had time to run and grab the camera or run inside and tell the girls so they could have a look, so I went inside and grabbed the family to watch him as he walked through a corner of our yard. Very cool.


After he left back into the grain field I turned the dog loose and he had no trouble finding where that rooster walked in the yard. He was ready to go! Can't wait 'til this fall. :D

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Pheasant are a hoot to hunt last fall I obtained my new sbe ll and went out with our 8 month old female black lab.

We spent most to the first day tramping around and then around 4:00pm final we were finally able to put up a few birds and were able to knock 3 down.

One was not a direct kill and watching my young lab was a excellent as she worked the high grass and retrieved the bird. Watching her was worth the price of the whole trip.

I am also looking forward to this fall hunting and will hopefully be heading out of Saskatchewan to Montana to do a little bird hunting.

The pheasant population is not real strong here but I have been invited to hunt in Montana which I have been advised has a good population and also you can hunt on Sunday which is not allowed here in Saskatchewan.

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