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ESPN Outdoor Games Shotgun results


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Just got back from the Quarterfinals and Finals tonight here in Madison, WI and it went down to the wire for the gold with a shoot-off between 17yr. old Travis Mears from Burleson, TX (Beretta) and Veteran Robbie Purser (Browning) of Macon, GA.


Sudden death, best-of 5 with the rate dropping from 3.5 seconds between targets to 2.5 proved too much for Purser hitting 4/5 and Mears shrugging the preasure and nailing 5/5.


Gold goes to 17yr. old Travis Mears.


fun night!!


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Birddog, you shoot clays and did you shoot in this one??? I bet this was a great shoot. I shoot some myself, but not near as good as Travis Mears, but least I have a name to match.


I did win the Carolina Classic in SC for my second tournament. It got me punched from D to C. Just finished a modest 10th in the last tournament I shot.


Are you in the pic above?


-Travis G.

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Hi Tavis - I shoot clays .. but not at this level (can't recall who's in the picture - just thought it was a cool shot w/smoking barrel I suprised myself with the timing). I end up going to alot of shoots .. and the Outdoor Games have been some that I've enjoyed watching. At this level these guys(and gals) have been choosen among the best in the country and throwing them together like this seems to bring out the best of the best. Yea .. some guys can break targets all day but, mental toughness isn't something that normally comes with shooting ability. I've seen myself how some guys that i hunt/shoot with are crazy shots ... really good. Then, you put them in front of a few folks they don't know and they loose all conotrol... too self conscious and unable to relax and just shoot. So I like going to this event ... especially to watch the younger shooters and how they handle it.


Congrats on the win. Good luck in the future!

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Thanks....It is amazing how the pressure builds when people are watching and the trophies are on the line.


We have SC's state shoot the end of the month...not sure how I'll shoot, but it will be fun.


I watched the outdoor games last night on TV and it must have been great to be there.


Thanks for the comments and the info on the bead in the other post.




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Hello, I'm new to the sport and would like to know the difference between trap and skeet. I've heard several people refer to what my buddy and I do as one or the other and I'd like to know which one is correct. I purchased a Baikal 12ga. semi (not a bad gun on a budget) and a thrower from a local gun store and started having a great time. I'd like to pursue this sport more avidly but I'm not quite sure what to call it and therefore not sure what questions to ask. Thanx.

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