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New Nova questions

wastin away

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I have just purchase a new Nova with the fully rifled slug barrel. This is my first slug gun. My first questions is , do ya'll think that a Nikon 3-9x40 scope can take the recoil. My second questions is I have shot $60.00 dollars worth of Hornady SST slugs and my groups stink. I have read some of the other post on slugs and I am going to try some other brands. I live in NW Florida and do not have a lot of people to talk to about slug guns. I will try anything to get this gun shooting good groups. Thanks for any help. I really love the gun.

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It depends which scope you’re talking about. Nikon has Prostaff 3-9x40 scope, designed for shotguns, but for a shotgun, I personally would use something with a parallax free, 1.5x 4~7 magnification. BTW, for slugs, first zero your gun at 50 yards before moving further away.


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I never had good luck with the Hornady slugs, I would try some Federal Premiums with the Barnes Expander, Remington Coppersolids, or Winchester BRI Sabots. In my last two slug guns the Winchester BRI sabots in the 2.75'' 1oz load shot the best out of anything I tried. Also, in a fully rifled barrel you only want to use a sabot slug, or a another type designed for use in a rifled barrel. I would stay away from "foster" style slugs that are designed for smoothbore barrels because they generally won't group through a rifled barrell. Also, I would stay away from magnum slugs of ones with a high velocity because they generally won't shoot as accuratly and they beat you up worse too. I've shot lots of deer out to 100yds with 1oz slugs and have been pleased with the results.

I agree with garren, get a scope designed for a shotgun and don't go overboard with manification, a 1.5-4x would cover all your slug shooting.

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