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M1 Field Jamming


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This is my second season using this gun and it keeps jamming. It jammed last season but I read that it had to break in a little bit so I put some heavier loads through it and thought it would get better. Well this season I am not even confident now, as it jams at least once every time out. I am very dissappointed and would like to know if anyone else had this problem and what they did to resolve it.


I have a recoil supressor in it, and I have read that this may possibly cause the jamming. They put it in the gun when I bought it. Why would they sell it with this option if it makes the gun jam?! Any help would be appreciated.

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You also misspelled *COUGH*, but no one's keeping score.


/it's pretty much a landslide victory anyway



What loads are you shooting?

Has the gun been thoroughly cleaned and lubed?

The recoil supressor could contribute to the problem by lessening the ability of the Inertia system to perform properly.

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I no I am a idoit *CAUGH*! lol


Most recently I have been shooting 3 inch Kent Fasteel 1 1/4 oz. #2's. Last Season I was shooting Federal Premium Ultra-Shok 1 1/8oz #3's with the same results. I have cleaned the gun regularly thinking that could be the problem, but I was confused with the "come mud, rain or whatever a Benelli will still shoot" theory when I purchased it. I am a gun novice, but was told that Benelli is the cream of the crop, thus the dissapointment.


As far as lubed I have been reading more and more about it. I have just used the oil that came with the gun and wiped everything down with that after I cleaned it. I am thinking about getting the recoil supressor removed to see if that helps. Any other suggestion would be greatly appreciated...

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Someone, I think wallhanger, posted a good tip on lubing the recoil spring yesterday.

Disassemble the gun by removing the barrel and bolt group. Working from the inside of the receiver, use a small rod or screwdriver to press the cap on the recoil spring slightly back into the stock. Apply a few drops of oil.

Also make sure the bolt group has been disassembled, cleaned, and re-lubed.


I like the Hoppes Elite Gun Cleaner and the Benelli oil similar.

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