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Proper Break In


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I'll answer that question with a question.


Multiple Choice:

If you run three boxes through her, and it still won't cycle light loads, what would you do next?


A: Run three more boxes of the heavy stuff and hope it does the trick.


B. Buy a Surecycle kit for light loads and use that when shooting at the range, swithcing back to the stock kit when hunting.


C. Call Customer Service and ask them why your gun won't cycle loads lighter than the recommended minimum.


D. Post on these forums what a useless POS the SBEII is.

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I recently purchased a SBE II as well. I spent alot of time on the forums to find out about porting, chokes, cleaning and the problems people are having. After immediate mods to the gun...porting and forcing cone by Rhino, I went to the range with a few boxes of the 3.5, 3's and 2 3/4 for chokes patterns. First two shots were 3.5, the next were light and it works fine. I even loaded it up to fire rapid succession shots, and no problems. I did take time to break it down to make sure it was well cleaned and lubed. Try it first and see if you need to spend the money of the heavy loads.

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