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Super Black Eagle receiver

44 Canon

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I just got a bunch of super black eagle parts. Basicley everything I need to complete a super black eagle exept the butt, barrel and lower receiver. I even have all the parts that go on the lower receiver.

Anyone know where I can come up with a lower receiver and what they run for?


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The lower receiver is the FFL part, so you will need to have an FFL, or buy it through an FFL holder. Given they are the FFL part, I have not seen them anywhere on E-Bay. I do recall they run around $350-$400, but I cannot recall where I saw that price.


The barrel will run around $300 used, $400 for new.


The buttstock can be had for $50-$60 in synthetic, maybe a bit more for decent wood, $241 if you buy it from Brownells!! I have seen used SBE wood stocks on E-Bay.


With used SBE's around for $400-$500, you maybe better off parting out an old one if your parts are in better shape.


I just saw the first SBE II's for $999 on line - wow, that didn't take long!!!


mudhen - CA

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Hmmm, I looked around and I can't find them for less then $775.

Well, aulturnativley, I am a recreational plinker and would perfer to make something similar to an M-1 or M-2. Does anyone know if the small parts are compatable with any other Benelli receivers?

e-gunparts.com has 121 barreled receivers for less then $200 and lowers for less then $70.

My biggest concearn would be weather or not the trigger housing can handle it being a 3 1/2 chamber rifle.

Also, does anyone know if it would be more ecanomic to just send the parts in to Benelli to build a rifle and transfer it to me, if they even will at all?


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Hmmmm, look a little harder and maybe use a little of the gray matter?


For example;


An SBE sold for $800 on another website the other day with a 26" bbl & 28" bbl. The buyer can (as he stated he would) sell one of the barrels for $300 and get the SBE for $500 net.


My buddy just sold a nice H&K SBE for $450 the other day. It needed an ejector cleaning, but it was in 95% condition. I told him to keep it, but he refused. I refused it at $400, I have 3 already.


I recently sold a like new SBE with mercury recoil reducer, slug barrel, mag extension kit, Sure Cycle mag kit, and Kicks turkey choke for $1000 even. Sell the slug barrel for $375 easy, recoil reducer for $30 easy, the mag extension kit for $50 easy, mag kit for $20 easy, and the Kicks tube for $35 easy, and a two year old SBE went for $490 net.


You just gotta do the work yourself......


You can't just click gunsamerica or gunbroker and expect miracles....


mudhen - CA

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Not much I think. Benelli parts are just so odd. It's always been an issue for Benelli owners. I don't know if 121 parts are compatible, I doubt it, but I don't know.


With barrels being sooooo expensive most are stuck with the barrel the gun came with, new stocks are pricey so we can't just buy new ones for $69 like you can for a Remington 870, etc.


Maybe sell the parts on E-Bay? I bet you could get a few bucks for a bolt assembly if it floats the 4th shell.


You may want to contact Benelli to see if there is anything they can do. Maybe start with a Benelli dealer to see if you can order a new receiver?


mudhen - CA

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Any recomindations for a place to look for used barrels? I perfer to make it a shorter barrel multi-purpose utility shotgun and perfer a good old basic tacticle barrel over the big fancy ribbed ones.

The gun will probably look like a beefed up M-2 by the time I am done, so that may give you an idea where I am headed with this.

Since I am looking for a barrel that SBE owners I would presume don't usually desire, I would imagion that I could probably get a good deal on one from someone who just has one lying around as trade stock, while I also have a bunch of other gun parts I could probably trade.

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