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M4 in Iraq


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Does anyone know how Benelli M4s are doing in Iraq?


I have heard many different things, but most of it is hearsay (i.e., someone posts on a forum and says "they are doing great" or "they are doing terrible").


Links are greatly appreciated. Or comments from Marines who have seen the M4s used overseas.

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Carried one during the workup for OIF -1 Then carried it all the way from the breech to Babylon. Didnt have a single problem with it. Granted the only loads I had was 00 and slugs rifled federal. Passes it back in to the armory when I left country. Was easy to get in and out of vechicles with with the tellescoping stock. Didnt have any optics for it, really didnt need it. Only regret I had was getting it dirty. They have this fine talcum powder dust over there that gets into everything. It was jamming up M-9 magazines bad. Glad I never had to rely on the m-9 mags. I was so impressed with the m-1014 that I bought one myself when I got back here stateside as a retirement present to myself. Dont know where all the rest of the benellis were but the 1st Marine Division had their share and everyone loves them. Also some of the PSD people were carrying them.

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