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SBE 2 Plug removal


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Sorry... couldn't resist.


But seriously folks....

Remove the forend cap, remove the magazine cap (springloaded), remove the plastic plug from inside the spring. Push the spring back inside the magazine tube and push the magazine cap bak in place to hold it, screw the forend cap back on.


When done killing snowgeese, put the plug back in.

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I knew I set myself up for that one!, I was cleaning the sbe 2 last night, and it's the same as my browing pump, remove the cap and take the spark plug out, however, once i put it back together, I checked it out and could still only get 2 3-1/2 inch in

there..3rd one just misses it...the 2-3/4, 3" will fit

3 in there...don't know if I should get the extension, heard that it adds more weight but that's not a concern...anyway thanks for the input!!

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If you get shots on snow geese, they are usually going to be in the decoys when you come up. 3" shells should be more than enough for the smaller birds (compared to Canadas).


My blind partner killed two Canadas yesterday with one shot, using a 2-3/4" Remington 1100.


[ 02-16-2005, 09:38 AM: Message edited by: tucker301 ]

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I'm with Tucker, I would use 3" or even 2.75" for the snows.


It's the pellet size that counts, unless you are using HeviShot.


But, the extension is pretty nice to have, so buy it if you want it.


Last time I shot spring snows, I liked having extra shots for cripples or birds coming down hit with the head still up.


mudhen - CA

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As for pellet size the guide I'm going with said to use triple bbb's and he was very positive about this, i'm use to shooting bb's at geese but, I'll go with what the guide says! Cabela's in Kansas here I come! anyway the 4 shell mag comes in hd camo...perfect for my gun. apparently, this spring snow goose hunt is a big event, the super 8 i'm staying at is all booked!


Thanks, I'll let you know how it goes!

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