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Nova Recoil Reducer Question


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I have a question about the recoil reduction system that is optional with Nova pump. Is there a spring that is supposed to be placed inside the bracket along with the weight? I've shot the gun with and without the weight and it just doesn't seem to "reduce" the recoil at all. I haven't seen a spring for sale and I don't recall the instructions making any mention of one, but the imperceptible recoil reduction made me think I was missing something. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Also, I saw that a cantilevered barrel was offered and I was wondering how that was advantageous.


Thanks in advance to any responses!

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No spring.

The recoil reducer works in two ways.

The dead weight scrubs off recoil energy, but the mercury moves within the tube and works kind of a like a dead blow hammer, using inertia to increase its effectiveness.


A cantilevered barrel allows you to mount the optics on the barrel, rather than on the receiver.

This way, you maintain zero and remove the optics with the slug barrel.

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