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R1 scope rails


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Hi, my R1 Argo wood didn't came with the picatinny rail... Does any one know a fine substitute? or where I can find it?...

Also, this is my first rifle and I see the holes where the scope base mounts are suppoused to be placed are tappered .. how do you remove that steel inside? :confused:


Thanks a lot...

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The pattern is the same as the Browning BAR, so anything that fits the BAR will fit the Argo.

However, the Argo's base is tapered, to put it on the same plane as the bore.

Using a flat base will cheat you out of a great deal of elevation adjustment on your scope. Perhaps so much that you won't be able to zero it at all.

Better to buy the base made for it.


The "steel"?


It either has hard rubber inserts, screws with slotted heads, or nothing in the mount holes.


Disassemble the rifle removing the bolt and trigger group.

If there are plugs in the receiver they can be easily pushed out from the inside of the receiver.

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ooh.. the inserts that blocked the holes are hard rubber :D I pushed them yesterday.. Regarding the mounting rail I want the picatinny cause I've read some comments about it and it seems that a good combination is the QRW from leopould and the Picatinny rail... Is there any other good combination known to you? And again if someone knows where to find the specific picatinny rail I will appreciate it... I just cant find it... I found one at midway but is stock out.


Thanks a lot.

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