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Barrel for m2


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A larger framed man may want a longer barrel to compensate for his longer reach and overall build.

To understand this, pick up a youth model shotgun and try a couple of mock passing shots on geese.


A longer barrel swings more fluidly than does a shorter one.

A longer sight plane makes getting on target, swinging through, leading and following through somewhat easier and it gives the illusion of bringing more distant targets in closer to the shooter.


Snap shooters like quail and grouse hunters do not benefit from these factors, as the gun is typically mounted swiftly and the shot is quick on a flushing bird.


Passing shots on ducks and geese present an opportunity to give more time towards getting on the same line as the bird's flight path and establishing proper lead; important factors in making a good passing shot.


In the blinds, 28" or 30" barrels are no more cumbersome than are 24" barrels, but in the thickets the shorter barrels are most desirable.

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