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Super Nova parts


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I purchased a Super Nova and am quite pleased.:) However, I can't seem to leave anything "stock".

Could anyone tell me the best place to order the parts listed below from?


Below are part numers from Benelli's schematic.

Extended mag:

064c, 068c, 144c, 229n, 241c

Top Rail:

260n, 261j and 262j x2

Telescoping stock:

265s, 166s, 117s

Thank you very much and I hope for the best!

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Well, Do you want the good news or the bad first. As far as the mag. ext. it is hard to get one made from Benelli. They are not shipping them to the states b/c of the laws. You can get one from TacStar. There are several places that sells them like Cabela's and Natchez Shooters. The telescoping stock is not for sale as of this time. I called Benelli and the said some time soon hopefully. And the top rail can be found at your local gunsmith. I have a Benelli brand mag. ext. on my Super Nova tactical. I had 2 but sold one b/c I decided not to put it on my other Nova. I got my rail from my gun dealer. I have a side shell holder from TacStar, a light mount from Insight, my light is a TLR-1 from Streamlight, and a EoTech for my sights.CIMG0155Small.jpgCIMG0156Small.jpg

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