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Surface rust on barrel


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I've done it before and I'm sure I'll do it again - put the gun away while it was wet and let it sit in the case for several hours before I took it out to clean it. The barrel has surface rust spots on it Any recommendations for getting it off? I sprayed Rem Oil on it, scrubbed with a nylon brush and old t-shirt, but it's still there. Thanks in advance for your advice.

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My panic attack is over. I continued with the nylon brush and Break Free. That did the job. I saw some great rust preventative through Brownells that I'll give a shot.


I just wipe my gun down on the outside with a silicon rag and remove excess with clean lint free cotton rag commonly known as old Drawwers!! Cheap is better than expensive and try to use clean ones!! Once you get that bad habit of leaving your gun wet all couped up in a gun case your rust issues should probably vanish! I keep my guns in a American Security Gun safe and just keep a packet of absorbant crystals in there and living in ABQ we never have moister to start with but i have lived in wet climates as in Southern Arkansas and never had pitting problems, just keep fine layer of protectant on exposed metal and keep corrosives off your black external parts and you should be rust free!! Lotta good products that will do this job and you just need to do yours!

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