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New Benelli Nova 12 Owner


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Glad to see that this forum is alive and active!


I've long been thinking about purchasing a shotgun, but the opportunity never presented itself (or I talked myself out of it, as the case may be). I've done a lot of research and I have always been interested in the Benelli line. Yesterday at a gun show, I found a used Nova 12 gauge pump at a great price so I gave it a good inspection and got a couple of other knowledgeable folks to give it a once -over, found it to be in superior condition, and I'm now a proud owner of this fine shotgun.


The only issue with this gun was that it was sold without the choke tubes, but for the price, this wasn't an issue that came into play. I'll mainly be using this gun as a gateway to bigger and better things as far as shotguns are concerned, but I may use it for sport shooting (small game) and as a "home defense substitute" since its not specifically made for that role and I have other handguns to fill that role. What kind of tubes have you long-time owners found to be useful in this gun? Also, do you recommend any other accessories for this gun. I will most likely pick up a recoil pad of some sort, but beyond that - any scopes, sights, etc. that are of use?


With that being said, I am a complete novice when it comes to shotguns so this is an entirely new concept to me. I've looked around to find some information on what people have done to this particular model, but I haven't been successful thus far. Your input and advice is appreciated!

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Dont worry about the factory choke tubes. I never noticed a difference between factory and aftermarket tubes, even though I own a few now. I use rotate my SBE II and Nova for shooting the geeses. I shoot a Kicks High Flyer (Mod Steel Ported) in my Nova, Super tight pattern with hevishot @ 45 yards. Good overall pattern with steel. Havent tried it with lead field loads yet. They dont recommend buckshot BUT if you want a home defense choke, get a skeet or IC choke. Theyll handle buck in close, and rifled slugs.

As far as recoil pads, not sure you need one. I shoot all 3 1/2 steel and will be custom loading my own 3 1/2 0000 buckshot loads. I shot one with the mercury reducer in the stock and Im not sure its worth the money.


Overall great gun, great price, and you get a moderate ohh and ahh value from the redneck hunters.


Oh yeah, the rifled slug barrel is worth every cent.

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