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some action games


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We're banning the users and removing the posts as quickly as possible. We updated the censored words list to include several brand names for the products they're trying to push. If you guys have any other ideas, we're open to suggestions, but we won't be assigning moderator privileges to anyone outside Benelli at this time.

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it's been so long since I registered that I can't remember the exact process required here.


Many forums require that you register and then you're sent a confirmation e-mail to complete the registration.


Some also use those instantly generated graphics with the confirmation alpha-numeric code to complete the registration process.

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I am certainly no computer genius but what are the other forums doing to stop the spam? I visit many different types of forums and I don't seem to be seeing it there. At least that I know of. Maybe Tucker is correct. Most forums I belong to require some type of email validation to belong or your out. Is it possible to make it so that a new members post be delayed untill screening for the first or whatever number of posts till the are considered a legit member?

As of 7:39 am GMT on 2/16/07 their still getting in.

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