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Super Nova Trouble... or maybe the user is an idiot


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I've just got a few questions for you if ya'll don't mind helping me out.


I recieved a Benelli Super Nova 12 ga for Christmas and use it primarily as a waterfowling gun. It has a 28 in barrel. However, I want it to pull double duty for Turkeys this year (first year trying for one).


1. I have been working to get the adjustable, removable sights lined up for a tight, consistant pattern. But I have not been getting the success I hoped. The sights I have put on the gun are Tru Glo Magnum Gobble Dot Sights. The sights have adjustable windage and elevation features. First couple shots, low and right. So after firing a couple more shots, I get the elevation correct. However, after shooting at the 3x3 paper target, I just can't seem to get the windage correct. I moved the rear sight all the way to the left (won't go any farther), and the pattern got closer to the aim point, but never got centered. As far as I can tell, it seems like the center of the pattern is still 4" to the right of the aim point. Is it possible that the gun is not shooting straight from the factory(ie. needs some work on the barrel etc.)?


2. What loads would you recommend for the gun above with a .658 Comp-n- choke? I have tried most of the factory loads including Fed 3" #5s, #6s 3.5" #5s,#6s and Win HV 3" #5s, #6s 3.5" #5s,#6s .


I have yet to shoot and of the Hevi13 loads, or the Win XRs but would like to try those. The Nitros are tempting but out of my price range (I am a poor college kid). Additionally, I would have to purchase a different choke for any of the Hevi loads since CnC's manufacturer recommends lead only through their chokes.


3. Will polishing the barrel help? I a couple of friends who have done this and said it worked wonders for them. However, I am reluctant to do this since this gun sees 50+ days on the water during goose/duck season and I don't want to do anything to it to make it more susceptable to corrosion.


Thanks for you help,



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Another thing to consider, Are you flinching when you shoot? Also are you trying to shoot the gun like a rifle, with a gentle trigger pull? Or are you slapping the trigger?

Here is the best tip I can give you, get 2 boxes of dove loads and try sighting in your shot gun again. From what I read in your post you are shooting turkey loads while sighting in your gun, right?

If it is the windage you are after, you might even be able to fix the problem by changing the way you mount you shotgun. Just some thoughts Good luck!!

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