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  1. If you want to forgo the debate it all boils down to 150fps to 300fps of bullet speed. The one think I like about longer barrels is they are a little quiter, and they don't seem to get hot as quickly. Other than that it is a matter of personal preference what you like .
  2. Texas and Nebraska are on the map for me.. As for loads, there is still more testing to be done. Right now I like this combo, SBE Wad Wizard supreme Choke 3 1/2" Federal mag shock #5 I still have to shoot a few more rounds through my tight wad choke before I say I am ready to hunt though.
  3. MR. M.P., I am proud to be a NRA member! Tucker has a lot of truth in what he is saying, the media would like the world to think that ALL gun owners are gun toting, trigger happy, beer drinking, slobs. There is no truth in a statement like that, but the media doesn't care. They got it on film some one showing off how fast he can empty his gun, and another gun owner drinking beer, and another gun owner doing whatever, the list could go on and on. This is where the NRA fits into the picture, they give us gun owners a clean face, I think that they try to leave people with t
  4. Looks like a pretty sweet rig !!
  5. Another thing to consider, Are you flinching when you shoot? Also are you trying to shoot the gun like a rifle, with a gentle trigger pull? Or are you slapping the trigger? Here is the best tip I can give you, get 2 boxes of dove loads and try sighting in your shot gun again. From what I read in your post you are shooting turkey loads while sighting in your gun, right? If it is the windage you are after, you might even be able to fix the problem by changing the way you mount you shotgun. Just some thoughts Good luck!!
  6. It's hard to beat the 870, they have been in my family for years and no one has really had a problem. A few years back my brother bought a nova and I got a SBE, after shooting the nova I don't much care for it, but my brother absoultely loves the gun, go figure. If you like the way the nova feels and points get it, if not go with the 870, I have to of them and have had no problens. Bottom line both guns are well built, and will last a life time
  7. Like others have said, it all depends on the choke load combo. Shotguns like rifles have thier likes and dislikes of ammo, before going out and buying a new choke take the time to pattern your gun. There is nothing wrong with factory chokes, in fact they sometimes patteren better than aftermarket chokes. I shoot an SEB, and have had no trouble taking a limmit of ducks or shooting a turkey with factory chokes. The biggest reason I bought a aftermarket choke was that I wanted that extra edge, as I thing many others want also. Here is a pic of a Wad wizard SWAT pattern next to
  8. Ol'Roy

    Need Help !

    Spas-15, Why is it that you can't take shotgun to a different smith? maybe they can find the parts you need, and send a bill to that sorry outfit that calls himself a dealer. BTW that is an interesting looking shotgun, I am going to do a little research on that one. good luck, and I hope you get everything sorted out.
  9. Like anyone else, we are restricted to 3 shots on migratory birds, but for everything else the law says nothing on how many shells your gun can hold. Now befor you say I am a terrible example of a sportsman, I don't use a mag. extension while hunting, just while target shooting and the like
  10. My SBE has a step up rib, and yes what you are saying does make sense. I haven't had the opportunity to handle a M2, but I am glad to hear that they point like a SBE, as that would have been my next question. My Sbe works great and will shoot anything that I feed it, but when I put my mag. extension on, it doesn't like to cycle the light loads very well. I am hopeing that a gun with a 3'' chamber might cure this problem, I plan to use this gun for target shooting, pheasants and quail. any thoughts on this theory would be appreciated
  11. I am planing on getting another benelli, this time I am going with a 3'' chamber. I had my eye on a montefeltro, until the other day I had the opportunity to handle one. When I mounted it the stock was waay to short, and it didn't point anything like my SBE, I thought I grabed an 11-87 there for a second but it was in fact a monte. I have looked up the specs on the SBE2,and Monte., the only difference in stock demitions, is the drop in heel and comb, can 3/8" make that much difference? I then grabed an SBE2, mounted it, and it fit me like a glove. it's only 3/8 of an inch. any
  12. It's been a while since I bought any, but I think I picked it up at Academy Sports
  13. Since some have more knowledge than others about trick shooters, tell me what it takes to get the attention of benelli or the like. I am up to 4 hand thrown targets and can hike 2, I can do the golfball stunt too. all of course with a LH SBE I am still practicing and hope to get to 8 like Mr. Knapp
  14. My brother has a nova, and if I remember correctly this is a normal thing. The nova is just a little different than most shotguns, just keep shooting it until you feel comfortable with it. Good luck
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